Moon Wrasse

Out now with Puncher & Wattmann

Moon Wrasse is a book of powerful intelligence and careful restraint that unites grief and joy in ways that are both precise and expansive. It is a book that transforms grief into something entirely new… reminding the reader that we are are all in a state of becoming. — Magdalena Ball reviews Moon Wrasse at Compulsive Reader.

Moon Wrasse is bounteous, sinuous and queer, haunting in its embrace of grief, shifting identities, and transformation. Here is an invigorating fertility of voice, especially notable in the book’s agile sonics, its hum of presence, and its ardent dialogue with other poets and writers. This is a striking and richly lyrical debut, vibrant in its singing, intensely mobile, and compelling in its recuperative gestures. – Jill Jones 

Willo Drummond’s poetry is exhilarating for its balance of the visceral, the intuitive and the intellectual. Intimate and tender experience is framed and reframed with deep reading both of other poets’ work and the more-than-human world, in innovative ways. ­– Felicity Plunkett

Willo Drummond’s 
Moon Wrasse is a trillion fragments held lightly, a love letter, a glimmer flick at the corner of an eye. Here is a poet who writes with exceptional clarity; who gifts us queer and trans bodies, lives, and ecologies. Desire, pain, love and hope play in and through this collection that simultaneously shimmers and cuts. On these pages you will find bodies touching, turning, and all ways transforming; ghost orchids, grasses, the quiet shadow work of roots and moths… On these pages you will find ‘a message in the moss’. This is a collection to come back to many times, with and through the body, with love. – Quinn Eades